Document Services

SL Processing Center offers a transparent solution for Document Servicing.


Our clients are often surprised by the solutions we present to them by thinking outside the box

We Present

  • Fast filing
  • We alert you if there are changes and how to handle them – fast.
  • We will let you know what is the best option for you at no additional costs.
  • Everything is all inclusive in the service.

Notary Services

SL Processing Center is a notary public company that provides affordable notary services. Our notary public services are available to all including but not limited to banks, businesses, lawyers, jails, hospitals, military, individuals, and anybody who finds themselves in need of a friendly and affordable notary. Our services include notarization of any documents that require notarization, last minute appointments, loan signing, hospital notarizations, printing, shipping of documents, courier, and other services requested in regards to the notarization. We are here to provide our clients with an easy, friendly, and professional notarization and will accommodate any requests that we can.

Licensed & Bonded | Errors & Omissions Insurance | Accurate & Legally Correct Notarization | Reliable Notary Services

  • power of attorney
  • quitclaim deed
  • grant deed
  • authorization for minor to travel
  • affidavit
  • mortgage documents
  • medical power of attorney
  • warranty deed
  • advanced healthcare directive
  • trust
  • living trust
  • irrevocable / revocable trust
  • california probate code
  • copy certification
  • document custodian
  • litigation paperwork
  • estate planning
  • loan signing
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